Tell stories with Data


Relevance and Reliability matters in information. The vast amount of data we get in a daily basis, the lack of time to properly read and become familiar with it, and the absence of tools to facilitate its understanding caught MAPACINO's interest.


Teamworking with DELTA HAT (statistical and econometric consulting), MAPACINO performs information and data analysis properly delivered through visual presentations.


We spend part of our time to research. From the development of algorithms created for each specific context, we use the tools provided by statistics and econometrics, to create conceptual representations.

By economists

Our projects stem from the need to make socio-economic information more accesible. Transparency is a must, so we endeavor to show the methodology used in each analysis we do.

We work with both companies and independent professionals, as well as collaborate with media.

Iskra Velitchkova

Iskra Velitchkova

BS in Economics Entrepreneur and Mass Media Contributor.

G.R. Serrano

G. R. Serrano

Associate Professor of Econometrics. Complutense University of Madrid. School of Business and Economics. Independent consultant and founder of DELTA HAT, SL.

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